Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Atheists And Religious People.

Some family business in the past month or so kept me from updating this blog.  However, I did encountered something interesting during the time that I could share.  I knew for a few years that the atheists and the religious people (the hardcore ones) are hard to deal with based on the following reasons:
  • They are heavily biased and narrow-minded
  • They think they are absolutely right and others are dead wrong
  • They think they know everything there is to know
These reasons above make them almost impossible to communicate.  They are essentially two sides of the same coin.

Now I occasionally comment on youtube videos when I see something interesting and occasionally I would get into a debate with, you guess it, an atheist or a religious person.  Basically the story is, I was checking out the consciousness documentary videos when I was linking them to my previous post and I met the most extreme (in a comments posting way) atheist ever.  He also called himself a realist and a materialist which I doubt anyone from those two groups would consider him to be one of them.  He's stubborn to a point that he has became irrational (ignoring facts and repeating his "truth" with no substance), to a point he would just cover his ears and tell me to go away (but won't stop replying).  After a few exchanges, all he did was calling me names or repeating the same thing over and over again. And at the end, he started spamming the page for like 10 minutes nonstop.

His behaviors got me thinking...  Just how much would a man do to prove he's the "RIGHT" one?  How many lives were lost because the "WRONG" ones should die?  I cannot imagine.

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