Thursday, May 20, 2010

[R#1] Boy Remembers Past Life (Video)

Simply put, this documentary presents a strong case.  You have two ways to react after watching it.
  1. Believe that reincarnation is real or at least there's something more out there
  2. Reject the entire account: "His parents are lying (or delusive)!"
The latter was what the professor at the end of the documentary chose in an attempt to explain this phenomenon on the basis of... commonsense.

They put their account onto a book, Soul Survivor.  Here is a video of them talking about the book:

I have bought the book but I do not recommend it solely because Ken Gross, who help wrote the book, goes off into so many unrelated tangents making it down right boring to read.  The pages that actually talk about the story though, is good.

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