Monday, September 19, 2011

About romantic relationship

A romantic relationship is not more special than say love between friends or mother's love of her children.  Love is love. When you feel love, you feel complete.  It does not matter if it's from a scenery, pet, iPhone, or sushi.  Love is love.  If anything, most marriages are nothing but misery because the couple thinks they have to stick with each other without knowing exactly why.  Therefore, it seems as if you always have to sacrifice freedom for marriage.  It's your marriage, you don't have to follow the rules made by god-knows-who.  Create your own house rules and have fun.  It's all made up anyways.


  1. Absolutely bang on! I've been trying to find these words myself.

  2. I am a hopeless romantic person and I used to believe in the sanctity of marriage until my husband cheated on me. I've had two serious relationships after breaking with my husband but those didn't last for long. Now, I feel that I have a heart of stone for I could not love or want someone like I did before or am I just being careful and picky this time?

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