Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let it go? Hold on?

Stop telling people to let go.
'Letting go' is a non-action.
When people attempt to let go,
People just try to push it away.

But that's like
Pushing a dog away
While holding a bone in your hand.

What are you yearning to let go?  Past? Negative emotions? People? Your self?  In any case:

Neither attempt to let it go,
Nor should you hold on to it.

Here is what you do:

Be aware of it.
Acknowledge it.
Embrace it.

It is not you,
nor is it your enemy.
It is your friend, your ally,
that reminds you of your problems
and leads you to the truth.

So invite it in to have a seat,
talk to it,
get to know it,
feel it,
and face your life with it.

Then you'll discover the true peaceful state
that accords with everything
including not being peaceful.

That's liberation.

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