Sunday, December 8, 2013

Look around and learn

I look at my dog and notice how content and carefree he is; he is completely living in the moment.
In comparison, I look cumbersome and unease in every possible way.

I look at my friends and family chatting aloud freely, completely unaware that those around them are annoyed by the noise.  I feel those that are affected and I cannot enjoy a single moment.  Why is my feelings and emotions attach to how others are feeling?

I look at the things I own in my room.  The fact that I'm looking at them now is directly caused by the decisions I made in the past (their existence and placement in my room).  They are literally my karma that I have deal with now.  Some good, some bad.  I don't know how to judge.  Does it even matter?

Emotions, events... they come and go.  Maybe they are all meant for something.  Maybe not.  We all have our judgments, though none knows for sure.  What does it matter in the end?  What does it matter in the now?  When it comes down to it, our action speaks for itself.  No one is here to judge your choice, but you will definitely be there to feel it.  So you better start looking around and learn.  Because what you see around you is not the external world.  You are looking through your eyes.  You are looking at your own vision, your own perception, your own feeling, your own action.  You're looking at yourself.

Learn about yourself, because you're the recipient of your thoughts and actions.

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