Thursday, July 31, 2014


Don't be sad that you're sad, thinking that it will never go away.  

Don't be happy that you're happy, thinking that it will last forever.

To be just as you are.  

Not trying to control life as what you want it to be, or as what you think it should be.  

But to let life be, to feel everything that life is offering you without resisting or enhancing.  

In that instant, you are no longer a victim of life,

you become life,

you become alive.

In that aliveness, comes a peculiar feeling of openness,

where your reaction is not determined by past patterns or future yearnings.   

That's freedom to act

despite of feelings, 

through the feelings.  

This is no easy task, 

needing both the physical and the mental to be completely open to what's happening.  

But when you do, 

gradually or instantly, 

being alive and free is bliss.

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