Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The habitual underlying

In physics, the principle of inertia tells us that an object tends to preserve its present state whether it be resting or moving, meaning that it’s more difficult for an object at rest to move than a moving object to keep moving.  It resonate with the idiom, "first step is always the hardest”, and the old Chinese saying, “all things are difficult at the beginning” (萬事起頭難).  And a quote from Thomas Fuller says, “all things are difficult before they are easy”.   

Or, in a more casual form, “keeping your shit together is HARD, but GETTING your shit together is harder.”

It's hard to start a new project; hard to get rid of that old habit; it's just hard to accept change.

Are they all the same phenomenon?  And WHY is it so damn DIFFICULT to start or change something?  I’ll explore the issue in the next post.

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