Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prisoners of Life

Party all night and you’ll feel depressed afterward
Cry all night and the sadness dissipates

Joy and sorrow are both energy, expend them and they’re no longer there.

Most people focus on obtaining the positive while avoiding the negative.  They look for fun things to do endlessly to keep the joy up while trying to forget the sad times in their life.

What they end up with is nothing but negative energy within them.  Since as soon as some positive energy appear, they use them right away.  They laugh and giggle, dance and celebrate, and feel like being on top of the world.  While the negatives are being tucked away, suppressed, unexpressed.

So what do they do?  They desperately search for more pleasures, things that they can feel good about, just to balance out the negative energy that they have stored for years on end.  They simply cannot stop, as the consequence of being flooded by the negative buildup would be devastating.  

They become prisoners of life. The negative, what they are afraid to feel, is the prison. The positives are treats and drugs that provide a temporary escape from the cruel reality, a hellish world that they have created upon themselves unknowingly.  And so they run in circles perpetually in the self-created prison, chasing pleasures while escaping from pain.

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