Monday, November 16, 2009

Common Sense: Time Is The Same For Everyone

Fact: Moving clock ticks slower.

This fact is long been known for but hardly anyone knows about it. This phenomenon, time dilation, arises when:

1. Two persons moving in different speed
2. Two persons’ difference in their distance from gravitational mass

Let me give you a simple example. The travel time of my trip from NY to LA is 3hrs 10mins and 2secs; that’s what the official time shows. However, all the passengers and I on the flight only experience 3hrs 10mins and 1sec. Because of the high speed, time in the moving plane is slower when compared to the time of a walking man. In a sense, all the flight passengers have traveled into the future for one second. So here’s another fact:

Fact: Time traveling into the future is possible.

It’s not only possible; people are doing it every day. While a second may not be much to consider for anyone (actually, it's more like a billionth of a second), but if we scale it up… like traveling into the outer space with a speed close to light. We could time travel to Earth’s future while only experiencing a relatively short time in outer space. We’ll be technically capable to do it in the near future. The problem is, who wanna do it?

If you have read about Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which was introduced over 90 years ago, there’s nothing much for you to learn here. I don't know about you but I would be very exciting to learn this as a kid (well it was exciting for me to learn it anyway), but nobody told me about it. Why why why? Go tell everyone you know about this so they can tell their kids.

The truth: Time is not constant

Some Youtube videos about time dilation:
Two dudes testing the theory out in 1971
Einstein's Relativity on time
Lecture on time dilation

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