Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Challenge Common Sense Killer!

I haven't been updating this blog actively for the past few months because of some conflicts I have with myself. I've finally admitted that I have those conflicts late last night (I'm slow, I know) and action is what follows. I'm giving myself several challenges to do in order to break free of my old habits. The first and major one is:

No random web surfing for 7 days straight

One of the addictions that I have is continually browsing the web for no particular reason (be it on youtube, forums or the comments section of news articles).  And before I knew it I've spent 2 or 3 hours sitting there practically doing nothing.

So unless I have some specific need of going on to a website (checking what's on sale is NOT a need), I'll not open my web browser, at least not for the next 7 days.  Some other minor challenges also started today.

I'll also have a new series of posts about definitions of some slippery terms.  What is reality?  What is a fact, a truth?  What is a person?  What is a mind?

I've read a lot of books and know a lot of things about the world and what not.  But until I've experienced them, they are nothing but knowledge that does nothing for me.  I need to convert knowledge into wisdom.  In other words,  I could read about how to drive a car all I want, but it's when I actually drive one that I would know how it's really like. 

I won't stop seeking knowledge, but my focus is more on myself right now.  This blog is now a personal journal.


  1. Hi it's nice to find your blog, and mazol tov for applying self-reflection and introspection; to me, that's what distinguishes someone from anyone who's got something to say. Our blogs seem to be in resonating on similar levels, check out I look forward to your insightful posts. Hope you don't mind comments (because I know you're logging your personal journey as well). - TantraWave

  2. Thanks for the comment. This blog seems like child's play compared to yours. Haha.