Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family gathering out of body

Continuing from my previous post, I'll be describing the OBE that I had last night; occurred from around 3:15 AM to 4:05 AM on 06/22/11.

I would say I only remember 50-60% of the details.  In OBEs, it's all about focusing my attention enough to be able to perceive anything.  I have to constantly reinforce my concentration or everything would become fuzzy and turn into a dream.  And if I think about my physical body or move it, I will snap back immediately.  During the OBE last night, I was constantly interpreting what I was seeing.  I did too much 'thinking' and not enough 'observing'.  So there were quite a few of jumps here and there but I'll try my hardest not to fill in the gaps on my own while I write this.  Take this as a translation of a translation of a translation.  Nevertheless, it's still interesting enough (for me).

Since I don't practice any technique to induce more OBEs, I only experience them when I'm extremely tired and last night was one of those nights as I went to bed at 3AM.  My body quickly fell asleep while my mind remained alert.  Almost immediately I started feeling vibrations; that's the cue of my higher-frequency body separating from my physical body.  I needed to wait a while before I could move out but I could hardly do so; moving ever so slightly caused me to remain attached to my physical body.  Then I felt a force on my head and neck pushing me down.  This time, it was REALLY intense and it felt like my neck was about to snap in half.  And that long-gone haunted feeling came back.  I wanted it to stop but I also knew I could get out soon.  Struggling with myself is the last thing I want to do during this stage.  After what seemed like forever, I finally scrambled out of body and onto the rug next to my bed.

I remained a little startled after getting out.  With pitch black vision, I stood up and yelled "I wanna see", "somebody help me!" with my hand reaching out.  Then I thought "please don't really show up" as it would scare the hell out of me.  Then I yelled "I see now!" repeatedly with better result.  I started to see outlines of things, but everything was blurry and in black and white.  I went to check my bookshelf and found some unknown books.  I picked one out and the cover was like this:

Except that there were more hills and daisies here and there.  I flipped through the book to find more pictures similar to the cover; no words in it at all.  I checked the cover again but it was too blurry to make out the title.  Then I focused more to find the title to be in something like Arabic.  Those Arabic words were in the green spot of the cover, above it I found "******* of Happiness" (can't recall).  Then I thought that maybe this was my bookshelf in an alternative universe.  I continued to check the bookshelf to find many toys and figures (there are no toys on my bookshelf).  Then I moved on to the black box on the shelf.

[The black box in "reality" is a box used to verify my OBEs.  I asked my sister to write two numbers on a card and put it in the box.  I would then try to find out the numbers during OBEs.  In the 3 times or so of checking the box in my previous OBEs, all I found were a bunch of stuff; no card was seen.  The box dropped last month and I saw the numbers by accident.]

As I already knew the numbers, I looked to see if the card was there. This time it was a box full of small toys.  I tried to visualize the card in the bottom as I poured all the toys out; still, there was no card.  Then I checked the calender next to shelf.  The calender was really weird as I found the year 1989 and 2005 (if I remember correctly) on it.  I moved on to check my PC for the time.  The PC looked the same as in reality but I couldn't get it to work.  Then I walked out to the living room.

To my surprise, there were a bunch of people in the living room.  My dad, mom, two unknown teens sitting on the floor (pretty sure at least one of them was a girl), one unknown boy sitting on the sofa, and then another unknown man.  They were somewhat circling around the coffee table.  My vision was widened and improved; started to see some colors.  I was excited but also overwhelmed by all of the people there.  I felt like a little kid (became short all of a sudden) so I went to my mom wanting to hold her hand.  And then I noticed I had gloves on.  I took my gloves off to hold her hand and it was cold.  I said, "your hand is cold", and my mom said, "yours too".  My mom didn't seem amused to see me at all as opposed to my dad and the unknown man who seemed to be smiling??  I got happy and all and we walked a few steps; then something something I got snapped back to my body.

I don't know if it's rare but I can go out-of-body again after snapping back to my body rather quickly (3 or 4 times).  After I got out again I quickly went back out to the living room.  Everyone was gone except my dad, the unknown man, and my sister also show up.  I tried to ask some questions that would lead to some mind-blowing answers from them.  I asked my dad some questions but I don't recall anything now.  Then I asked my sister, "Why are you here now?  You weren't here before."

Sister: I was cleaning the bathroom for an hour.
Me: That long?
Sister or dad talking about sis: You should see my room; it's messy and there's a huge thing there (??)

Once again I tried to make my dad say something profound,

Dad: The younger ones...... are more crucial...... they are...... new......

He was speaking so damn slow that I didn't want to talk to him anymore as I knew I won't be able to stay out of body for long (still relatively new to OBE)

I asked the strange man who he is but he didn't answer; he just kinda smiled.  And then all of a sudden I had an idea of who he is.

Me: Are you the life planner? (someone who help plan our lives?)
Strangle man: *smiles*

I took the smile as a 'yes'.

Me: Who are they? (referring to the two teens and the boy)
Strangle man: You don't need to know.

Me: *turns to little boy* Who are you?
*No answer*
Me: *got another idea* Hey, are you my dog?  (I own a 2 and a half year-old shepherd mix)

I then tickled the little boy and ran to my room; saying/thinking that my dog would chase after me.  The boy did chased me to my room, laughing along the way.  I put him on my chair.  I checked my bookshelf once again and noticed photos of myself that I had never taken.  I looked at them closely; some of them were decorated.

My mom came in and we began checking out my room which was different from reality (there were much more stuffs compared to my actual room).  I then noticed I was at my mom's shoulder; she was much taller than me (in reality I'm 6 inches taller).  I then scaled myself to the room; stating that I was the same size as normal.  *snapped back to body*

I got back out again and ran out to the living room while screaming, "I'm back!" (forgot to reinforce my concentration by declaring "clarity now")  This time, only the strange man and my mom were there.  In my final attempt, I asked the strange man anything that I could think of.  "What's the purpose of life?"  "Who am I in my past life?"  "How to be a human being?"  I didn't get any answers.  Then I turned to my mom, who was sleeping on the sofa.

Me: We, spirits, need to sleep?
Mom: Yes, one hour.
Me: That little?
Mom: An hour is a long time.

Again, my mom seemed to be disinterested in my presence; she didn't even open her eyes while answering.

Soon after I think my physical body heard some noise and I interpreted it as some kids playing outside.  I went out to the balcony; a few more things happened but they were all dreamlike.  I then woke up with my eyes wide open; contemplating what had just happened.

And this is the most interesting OBE I've had as of now.  What exactly is all of this about?  I don't know.  Maybe that guy wasn't a life planner, and that boy wasn't my dog.  But one thing is certain, it has something to do with my mind.  Hopefully I'm not going crazy.

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