Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OBE and me

I started having sleep paralysis problems at the age of 14 (10 years from now).  Usually I would feel an intense vibrating sensation and hear loud buzzing sounds.  And then I would feel a force pushing me down anywhere from my head to my chest.  I seriously thought I was being haunted by demons or ghosts (two incidents are incredibly creepy).  I would then be scared as hell (panic attack) and struggle to move my finger because I could break free once my finger moves.  And then one time I just gave up fighting it as it takes one hell of an effort to break free and woah la! I didn't die.  Yes, it gave me a feeling of death (actually I was quite right to feel that way).  It is also during that time that I started to be able to control my dreams occasionally (lucid dreaming).  Most of the time, I fly around town in my lucid dreams.

A few years later, I figured that I could sit up after a while of experiencing the vibrating sensation.  That is, to get out of my body (the so called "out-of-body experience" as I later discovered).  I could not see at all during those early experiences.  The only sense I had was touch.  I would usually tried to discover something that I'd never notice before to confirm the experience.  However, it never worked; either I had it wrong or my memories faded.  Sometimes I would try to make noise during OBE's (knocking on the wall and stuff) to see if others noticed.  That, too, never worked.  Sometimes I couldn't even control my body at all (would just be flowing above my bed).  Last year, I started flying upwards during OBE's.  I did the flying upwards thing four times, and in two of those times I could feel an enormous amount of energy in my head as I flew up.  The further I went, the more intense the sensation became up to the point where I felt like exploding into pieces.  Without a better way to describe it, I would say it felt quite good.

A few months earlier, I read Adventures Beyond the Body that teaches you how to experience OBEs or astral projection or whatever the hell you call it.  It seemed like I was reading about my own experience in the first few chapters.  But the author dove deeper into the matter than I'd ever imagined possible, clarifying so many questions that I had with OBEs.  The author introduces many techniques to induce more OBEs but since they are all too time-consuming for me, I never tried them out.  The biggest thing I got from this book is the ability to improve my visual perception during OBEs.  As my energy body is incredibly thought sensitive, I can actually command my energy body to see and all kinds of crazy stuff.  Finally, I can see (somewhat) during my OBEs.

What led me to write all of this is the amazing OBE I had last night.  Sharing next post.

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