Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thinking about "Positive Thinking"

I just heard someone refers the concept of positive thinking as an irrational optimism. And then I realized how much the term has been abused (or not). I don't know how the masses understand "positive thinking" nowadays. But after a bit of contemplating, I think this is what the term really means (maybe it has been said, I don't know). Anyways, in my understanding, being positive is not equivalent to being optimistic. Being positive is to love. On the flip side, being negative is to fear. Some examples below:

Positive                                 Negative
Love for world peace                Fear for war
Love for freedom                      Fear for limitations
Love for happiness                   Fear for sadness
Love for companionship            Fear for loneliness
Love for success                      Fear for failure
Love for love                            Fear for fear

Get it? Although both positive and negative essentially want the same thing, they actually attract what they focus on. Meaning that if your desire of world peace is derived from your fear of war, your fear will make a contribution (however small) to a war breaking out. Why, you ask? Because, in this particular example, fear of war leads to sensitively to conflicts, in which leads to mistrust, in which leads to hostility, in which leads to conflicts, in which leads to wars.

Therefore, "positive thinking" has nothing to do with being optimistic about anything; it's about loving what you desire instead of fearing what you don't. The next time you hear someone advocate or criticize the concept of positive thinking, make sure you know what they actually mean by the term.

P.S. Careful not to choose 'positive thinking' out of fear for negative attractions, or else you will fear that you fear that you fear that your fear that you...(repeat)

P.P.S. It's okay to fear. :)

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